Prior Authorization

What’s getting in the way of you receiving the care your physician prescribes?


  • When you’re sick, you go to your physician.

    Your physician’s goal is to help you live a healthier life. You trust your physician because they know you and have the medical expertise to evaluate your condition. This makes them the best person to prescribe the care you need. So why are unnecessary administrative burdens getting in the way of your care?

  • When you get a prescription, you go to the pharmacy.


    Unfortunately, it is not always as simple as it should be. Often, you expect to pick up your medicine, only to realize you need authorization from someone other than your physician to receive it. This delays your treatment anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks. Why is approval needed if your physician prescribed the treatment and you’re paying for a health insurance plan that covers it?

  • This barrier to care is prior authorization.

    Prior authorization is a process that forces your physician to contact your insurance company to get approval before you can access certain treatments. The process makes it harder to deliver quality care, because it allows a company focused on maximizing profits to come between you and your physician’s recommendation. This means you wait longer for the care you need.

    *92% of physicians report that prior authorization can delay care—and 92% also report that this process can have a negative impact on patient clinical outcomes.

  • Raise your voice.

    Share your own experience with prior authorization. How has it impacted your care?