Expand Access to Care with Telehealth

Telehealth technologies expand patient access to care and help patients stay on track with their treatment plans. At the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, Congress temporarily expanded benefits coverage to telehealth services. Today, physicians and other health professionals are seeing 50 to 175 times the number of patients via telehealth than they did before the pandemic, and 8 in 10 Americans who have used telehealth say they are likely to use it post-pandemic.

The success of this technology during the COVID-19 public health emergency has made it clear that covered telehealth benefits should continue to be available to patients even after the pandemic is over. However, without action from Congress, this temporary coverage may not continue and the progress made in expanding access to care for patients across the country will be lost.

Patients and physicians have sent more than 240,000 e-mails to Congress in support of legislation that could expand coverage of telehealth services and encourage future innovation. We look forward to continuing these efforts and working with advocates like you to help ensure telehealth benefits remain available for patients.

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I've had 12 telemedicine visits since the pandemic and it's been amazing! [T]elemedicine is so convenient.
I'm 78 years old. Telemedicine is so much more convenient then trying to get a ride. I can keep appointments when I feel too bad to go to the doctor.